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Ensuring you have the best access to active and passive candidates through traditional advertising, talent pipelines and social networks.


Once you have attracted the best to apply for a position you will want to rapidly screen and select based on scientifically proven metrics. Integrating video interviewing to remove the need to phone screen will further improve your process


The traditional realm of e-Recruitment Solutions. Manage the recruitment lifecycle from approvals, advertising, candidate filtering and communication through to offer and acceptance.


You have used the most updated tools to get the candidate to your front door. The final stretch will make or break their experience. Why not replace your antiquated paper based new starter packs with an online fully automated process? Save time and enhance your “employer of choice” position.

An Introduction to BigRedSky?

BigRedSky is an eRecruitment solution owned by Thomson Reuters Australia. Founded in Western Australia in 1999, BigRedSky has expanded throughout the country and internationally to specifically cater for the needs of small, medium and large businesses across a variety of sectors. Offered as ‘software as a service’ there is no need for customers to manage any technical architecture; system users only need a web browser and internet connection to access the full potential of BigRedSky.

Through the configuration process the BigRedSky professional team works with the customer to tweak the system to create efficiencies within a company’s current recruitment workflow. BigRedSky has a flexibility built within its system to cater for traditional, contemporary or government recruitment processes. With rapid implementation timeframes, the system has been specifically designed to scale up and down based on the size of a company, with a suite of optional advanced modules to help maximise the return on investment.

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Our success can be measured by our history and vast number of customers across Australia from differing industries. Our commitment to our customers, and dedication to investing back in the development of our product, has seen us retain and grow our customer base.

The power of the system sees BigRedSky provide a whole-of-government solution to the Western Australian state government, maintaining its eRecruitment and eRedeployment programs since the contract’s commencement in 2002. Our adaptability to the government sector has seen this setup replicated by other government departments across Australia, and scaled down to suit our strong local government presence.

Within the corporate market we are notable across multiple industries; but have particularly strong presence in industries including education, healthcare, aged care, not-for-profit and mining. Please contact us should you like to speak to one of our customers in your sector.

It is important in today’s technical world that systems talk and interchange information. BigRedSky has a vast network of relationships with other software providers to ensure seamless data transfers with various HRIS, payroll, onboarding and psychological testing systems.

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