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BigRedSky is a leading supplier of e-Recruitment solutions to manage recruitment and candidate management.


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Proven Success

BigRedSky delivers more than high quality e-Recruitment software solutions. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, in fact our team has successfully delivered our products and services to many government and private sector clients right across Australia. We have belief in our people, processes and technology and our experience in either off-the-shelf or customized delivery to ensure a successful outcome that meets your requirements, and exceeds your expectations.



Dedicated Team

The BigRedSky team has the right blend of skills and experience to ensure that your training and / or software solution can be implemented and managed successfully. We know that our clients are aware of the importance of employing a capable partner in key projects. We are also very much aware of the organisational objective to contain, and where possible, reduce costs without compromising quality and efficiency.



Global Presence

With multi-national clients, BigRedSky is able to leverage a wide range of international expertise to add both experience and innovation to the capabilities of our e-Recruitment.